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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Kenneth Eakland


Seasonal allergy sufferers have a wide choice of over the counter products to choose to alleviate their symptoms. Similasan #2 is a homeopathic over the counter product marketed to alleviate allergy symptoms. Homeopathy is the belief that "like cures like." Antigens, if taken in minute doses, will stimulate the bodies immune system. This double blind, matched group, clinical study compares the efficacy of Similasan #2, Visine AC, and sterile saline to alleviate various ocular signs and symptoms caused by seasonal allergies. Subjective and objective measurements were taken. The results showed that Visine AC, objectively, reduced conjunctival injection at a statistically significant level. Similasan #2 for allergies do demonstrate a reduction in allergic symptoms but not at any statistically significant levels. No other signs nor symptoms showed statistical significance.

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Optometry Commons