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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Paul Kohl


This paper presents clinical data comparing visual acuity test findings in 12-36 month olds. Visual acuity tests performed were with the Teller Acuity Test, and a new visual acuity test for toddlers, the Cardiff Acuity Test. Both tests use preferential looking cards, but the Cardiff test cards contain vanishing optotypes of easily recognizable pictures. We found this age group to be more attentive to, more at ease with, and better able to understand the Cardiff Acuity test.

Paired t-Tests (one tail) were performed on the data gathered for each of two age groups, Group A being 1 2 subjects between one and two years old, and Group B consisting of 1 5 subjects between two and three years old. Both paired t-Tests showed no significance between the VA's obtained with both the Teller Acuity Test and the Cardiff Acuity Test.

Both acuity tests yielded a nearly 100% patients testable level. Only one subject was unwilling/unable to complete both acuity tests in one sitting.

We suggest that the Teller Acuity Test be performed on infants from birth to 1 2 months old. The Cardiff Acuity Test proved to be easier to use for the 1 2-36 month olds who are pre-verbal and easily distracted.

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