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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Katherine A. Hinshaw


Three new contact lens solutions have recently been approved by the FDA for one-step disinfection of soft contact lenses: Alcon's Opti-OneTM, Allergan's COMPLETE®, and Ciba's Quick CARE™. These solutions are indicated for use in the disinfection, daily cleaning, rinsing and storing of soft contact lenses. They are approved for direct placement on the eye with soft contact lenses. This investigation compared the relationship between the three solutions and subjective ocular comfort/sensitivity. Ninety subjects participated in one of three experimental sessions to compare the ophthalmic solutions. Ratings for ocular surface sensitivity to OptiOneTM, Quick CARE™, and COMPLETE®, demonstrated no statistically significant change from pre-instillation to post-instillation conditions. In addition, there was no consistent pattern of preference for one solution over another. In fact, in direct comparison of solutions, over forty percent of subjects reported no difference in ocular comfort.

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Optometry Commons