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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Lee Ann Remington


Radial keratotomy 1s a widely discussed surgical procedure creating a variety of views and opinions in the optometric field, as well as a variety of results. A survey was conducted involving 400 randomly chosen optometrists across the nation. The optometrists were questioned on several items including demographics and personal views and opinions on RK. Although some of the information was heavily shared, other information was quite variable. Of the 162 optometrists who responded, approximately 65% of them had less than ten patients with previous RK surgery, but about 47% of the respondents reported that 10% or more of their patients inquired about the procedure. Forty-two percent of the respondents felt that the basic level of knowledge that inquiring patients had about RK was poor. Less than 10% felt it was good. Although the percentage of patients reported to have required a prescription post-RK ranged from 0 to 100% with the majority in the 90s, approximately 91% of the respondents reported that their post-RK patients were happy. The survey data was compiled and tabulated to be used as a reference for practitioners and students.

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Optometry Commons