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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Leland Carr


National health care reform is a subject on everyone's minds. Today, our purpose it to examine health care and why the United States is so focused on a reform system. We look at the history of health care and how it's changed and been shaped in past. Through various endeavors, either the private sector or government has been able to avoid the issue. Definitions are given to guide the reader to understanding confusing terms and then an investigation into current Medicare. and Medicaid models is explored. The role of business and public opinion is a real concern to this issue; as shown by the American people. Many have looked to Canada for solutions, but seeing their semi-successful system does not seem to provide an answer. Finally, a look at the options for U.S. health care reform and managed care is addressed. Optometry has a place. The future promises the inclusion of the profession in reform but nothing is certain. So the question is still unanswered, what happens now?

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Optometry Commons