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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Cristina Schnider


The number one complaint of soft contact lens wearers is dry eye. This project proposes that an answer to dry eye problems may be the use of contact lens solutions which are more viscous and create a hydrophilic surface on the lens, preventing dehydration effects. This project was designed to study the effects of usrng a RGP contact lens care system on soft contact lenses, and particularly to study the effects of this system on dry eye symptoms. It involved subjects using a SCL care system on one lens, and an RGP care system on the other lens over a two week period. An initial-visit screening was performed for dry eye, and the same tests were performed at the follow-up visit. There were no statistically significant improvements of dry eye symptoms using the RGP solutions. However, most subjects rated the RGP system very highly and we be lieve there is a clinically significant improvement in dry eye symptoms in Group I soft contact lens wearers. We propose that using certain RGP solutions on Group I soft contact lenses may be an effective short term solution to dry eye symptoms.

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Optometry Commons