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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Kenneth Eakland


Introduction: The use of lasers in Optometry is here and expanding. The Nd:YAG laser and its use for iridotomies and capsulotomies is described. The use of a pig eye model for teaching the use of lasers was also proposed. Methods: An inexpensive and simple technique for constructing a Nd:YAG laser teaching aid using pig eyes is described. The eyes were tested and evaluated to determine practicality and effectiveness as a substitute for human eyes. Results: The teaching aids were very effective at demonstrating the Yag laser. The surrounding solutions remained clear and the irides held up well to continual laser blasts. Discussion: This study showed that a pig eye model is effective at teaching the use of lasers and only minor alterations are needed in the current design to increase longevity and effectivity.

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Optometry Commons