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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Suzanne Scott


BACKGROUND A near point card was developed for the testing of patients with reduced visual acuity at near. The unique feature of the card is the ability to isolate a single horizontal and vertical demand line based on the patient's minimal near point acuity. This is to allow for easier testing of vergence and accommodation ranges.

METHODS Eighty-one cards were distributed to Pacific University College of Optometry's Class of 1998 for use during fourth year clinic. Seven months post-distribution a survey was conducted to determine the card's efficacy.

RESULTS Half of the survey respondents found the card useful for patients with decreased visual acuity. An additional 26% used the card for even broader clinical situations. Frequency of use was evenly spread from "not at all" to "5 or more times" per month. The design of the card was rated as good by a majority of surveys.

DISCUSSION Most respondents liked and used the near point card. Suggestions for future improvements were made should the card become more widely marketed.

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Optometry Commons