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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Patrick Caroline


It is very important that rigid gas permeable lenses be manufactured to the specifications requested by the practitioner. Precise determination of the parameters of rigid gas permeable lenses by the practitioner is a futile exercise if the lens that is received from the lab differs from that which was ordered. Twenty-four rigid gas permeable lenses ordered from four different labs were verified and their parameters compared to what was ordered. The edges of the lenses were also subjectively graded. Although no significant variability was found between labs, a considerable amount of lenses studied had one or more parameter that was significantly different than those ordered. Also, seventy one percent of lenses ordered failed to meet ANSI Standards for one or more of the specified parameters. Thus, it is beneficial to the practitioner to verify all incoming lenses to ultimately save doctor time, the time of the patient, and to increase the ratio of first-time successful fits.

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Optometry Commons