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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Karl Citek


Introduction: Musicians have a specialized visual environment. It is up to optometrists to meet their unique visual demands. These demands include, but are not limited to, unusual working distances, poor lighting, and uncommon ergonomic demands. Our study reveals what musicians expect of their eyecare practitioners.

Methods: Surveys were sent to the music department at one hundred colleges and universities in the United States.

Results: Ninety-seven musicians replied to the survey. A majority of the musicians expected their eye doctor to be familiar with the specific visual demands of a musician. Over half of the respondents would be willing to pay more for an exam specially tailored to musicians. The respondents were very interested in vision enhancement techniques.

Conclusions: Optometrists may be meeting the Standard of Care for their musically-inclined patients. However, eyecare practitioners are not meeting the expectations of these patients, either in the exam or in the dispensary.

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Optometry Commons