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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Patrick Caroline


In-vivo examination of meibomian gland structure is not possible with present biomicroscopy equipment and techniques. Recently, direct visualization of meibomian gland morphology has been described using a transillumination light probe and high-speed infrared photography. We performed transilluminated meibomian gland photography on 124 eyes of 62 subjects ranging in age from 21 to 45. The subject's subjective symptoms for meibomian gland dysfunction ranged from no symptoms to severe. All participants in this study were students at Pacific University College of Optometry and approximately half of the subjects were current contact lens wearers. The results showed that clear, quantatatable photography of meibomian gland structure could be obtained with this technique. This procedure proved to be a relatively simple in office technique for detailed in-vivo assessment of meibomian gland structures. Through this technique we hope to gain a new level of knowledge on the anatomical changes which take place secondary to meibomian gland congestion.

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Optometry Commons