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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Lee Ann Remington


This study was designed to determine the reliability and validity of the two modes of the Nikon Retinomax Autorefractor. Reliability was determined by comparing readings within the regular mode and the quick mode. Ten consecutive readings, in each mode, were taken on 14 subjects ranging in age from 22 to 50. Validity of the quick mode was determined by comparing the readings of the quick mode to readings taken with the regular mode, 119 subjects between the ages of 5 and 88 participated. Results indicated that the findings are quite variable. Twenty five percent of the readings in the regular mode and 34% of the quick mode readings differed from the mean reading to a clinically significant degree using ANSI standards. However, when the data was compared using a less restrictive increment of +/- .25D, the reliability was greatly improved. In the validity analysis, the only significant difference between the modes was in the axis findings (p=.0264).

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Optometry Commons