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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Patrick J. Caroline


Inaccurate soft contact lens parameters can create a variety of problems for the practitioner and patient. Most soft contact lenses are dispensed to the patient without the benefit of verification. Of particular importance, sagittal depth best predicts tightness or looseness of fit. A tight or loose fitting lens can cause many problems for the patient. Manufacturer-published values of sagittal depth may vary from the actual measured parameter. Sagittal depth, diameter, and power of 215 soft contact lenses were measured for 11 of the more common disposable/daily wear brands. Measurements were made with a prototype of the Hydroscope™ contact lens analyzing device. Tables and graphs are included which can aid the practitioner in fitting these lenses. The effect of eye temperature, approximately 93°F, versus room temperature was analyzed. No significant change in the measured parameters was noted.

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Optometry Commons