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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Harold M. Haynes


Comparison of the cycloplegic and non-cycloplegic refraction of the eye was completed for forty selected subjects using 1% cyclopentolate hydrochloride. Twelve endpoint of accommodation tests were conducted before and after administering the drug. Inter-test, inter-group and intra-subject comparisons were conducted. Myopes and hyperopes showed statistically significant differences in response under the drug conditions. For all subjects, the mean difference in refractive error induced by the drug was an increase in hyperopia or reduction of myopia by .39 D (SDd = .21). Myopes showed a mean decrease in myopia of .17 D (SDd = .21) and hyperopes showed a mean increase of .61 D (SDd = .38). The adjusted means of the twelve tests used under cycloplegic and non-cycloplegic conditions were highly correlated (r = .996).

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Optometry Commons