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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Robert L. Yolton


Using American Optical Vectographs and a Disparometer, vertical fixation disparities were measured at near and far, with and without a leveled phoropter, on 19 essential hypertensives and 19 matched normotensives. These subjects were selected on the basis of age, normal weight and vision and were paired on the basis of race, sex, age, use of tobacco, and family history of hypertension. Correlated variance comparisons of the associated phorias and y-intercepts derived from vertical fixation disparity curves were made and a t-test for related measures was used to compare slopes. Y-intercept and slope data showed no significant differences between the groups. However, statistically larger associated phorias for the hypertensive group were found on all but one test. This analysis suggests that a relationship may exist between the magnitude of vertical associated phorias and the occurrence of essential hypertension.

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Optometry Commons