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Master of Science in Vision Science

Committee Chair

Scott C. Cooper


This project consists of two parts. Part one is a computer program written in Microsoft Excel which calculates and completes OEP functional analysis. Part two, which is the body of the thesis, is a user's manual for the program. OEP analysis was designed for the practitioner to determine the most effective, easily tolerated lens prescription based on behavioral vision concepts. Appropriate management of a patient requires the practitioner to understand the purposes and processes of the analysis systems utilized for the case. This program is not designed to be a replacement for understanding functional analysis or as a "crutch". It is designed to aid those who already have a strong functional understanding of OEP analysis. The program does the calculation portion of OEP analysis, but it does not take into account the individual patient's needs or apply clinical wisdom that comes with practicing functional optometry. It is designed as a time saving tool to enhance patient care.

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Optometry Commons