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Master of Science in Vision Science

Committee Chair

Kenneth Eakland


In the industry at BIAMP there is an unmet need of vision care amongst the variety of employees that work at BIAMP. BIAMP includes many employees who spend hours working on very small pieces of equipment with intricate detail and fine movements. There were previously no visual requirements or screenings available for employees. We went into StAMP's production and office areas and evaluated the working conditions. After talking with management we discovered the needs and expectations of each work area. We were led on a tour of the facility and provided with information regarding the activities that occurred there. The lighting and safety conditions in each area of the factory were observed. Based on our information attained, the facility was subdivided into nine categories. A detailed screening was designed and performed to incorporate the specific demands of each category. Minimum visual requirements were established and those who did not meet these requirements were referred for additional testing and possible visual aids. Upon completion an analysis of the screenings was compiled, including our recommendations for improvement in safety and lighting as well as treatment for their employees.

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Optometry Commons