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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Hannu Laukkanen


The Taylor Reading Plus program is an eye movement training software which comprises of Core Programs such as PAVE (Perceptual Accuracy/Visual Efficiency) and Guided Reading. In this study, the Reading Plus program was used to determine if home-based computerized eye movements training could improve occulomotor skills during reading. The occulomotor skills and reading rate (with comprehension) of 70 subjects were measured during reading using the Visagraph II. The Visagraph ll provided data on reading rate, fixation, regression, and other variables for each paragraph read. Thirty of the initial 70 subjects who originaJly agreed to participate in this study were designated as "controls" and would receive no intervention, other than assessment. Forty subjects were designated as "experimental subjects" and would participate in ten-weeks of web based on-line PAVE and Guided Reading computerized eye movement training. Only five of the original 40 experimental subjects completed the voluntary training regimen (for a variety of reasons, described in the "discussion section" of this paper). Results from the five subjects who completed the prescribed on-line training regimen are presented in this paper in a "case report format style. Data from the five subjects is highly suggestive that PAVE and Guided Reading programs may be effective in improving oculomotor and reading skills for non-reading disabled adult readers.

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Optometry Commons