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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Karl Citek


Accurately measuring anterior chamber depth is critical in placing an intraocular lens after cataract surgery. The current method most commonly used to measure the distance from the posterior surface of the cornea to the anterior surface of the crystalline lens is ultrasound biometry. This project explored the efficacy of a simple optical instrument to measure anterior chamber depth (ACD) compared to that of applanation A scan ultrasound. The mean ACD measured by the A scan was 3.40mm (range 2.87 to 3.87 mm) while the mean ACD measured with test instrument was 3.61mm (range 3.00 to 4.llmm). The ACD measured with the test instrument was greater in 5 of the 6 eyes when compared with the A scan. The difference ranged from .06 mm shorter to 0.44 longer (mean +0.22±0.19. At-test revealed no significant difference in the two sets of measurements with significance of 0.001

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Optometry Commons