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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Elizabeth Wyles


Documentation of a primary care eye exam serves many important functions. It serves as a history of test results, assessments, treatment plans and a defense against litigation. Additionally, examination documentation serves as the foundation to patient and insurance billing. The initial goal of this project focused on creating an ideal optometric exam form that would provide adequate space for documentation and be accepted among the faculty and attending doctors for use throughout the Pacific University College of Optometry (PUCO) clinics. The PUCO clinics are cunently using a clinic exam form that could benefit from an update. Increasing the amount of usable recording space was a high priority when updating the form. The basic format of the cunent exam was most easily improved by reorganizing the separate sections of the form. No perfect exam form exists; however, the exam form that has been created can offer greater ease of documentation for the examiner, a more organized flow of information, greater standardization of documentation from examiner to examiner and assist with proper billing. Proper billing and documentation are important aspects of any clinic operation. The use of ergonomically formatted exam forms can ultimately save time and money. The cunent exam form served as the foundation for the new exam form created. Whenever possible the more positive elements of Pacific University's cunent exam form were incorporated into the new exam form. The updated exam form retains elements that support the didactic curriculum at PUCO. This project is to review, compare and contrast the elements of several exam forms. With the help of Dr. Elizabeth Wyles, a compilation of the good elements of each form was incorporated into the final form. Results of this work will be submitted to Dr. Kenneth Eakland (Associate Dean for Clinical Programs) for review and possible use in the Pacific University College of Optometry Clinics.

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Optometry Commons