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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Peter Bergenske


Purpose: The MedMont Topographer was introduced as a tool not only to obtain accurate measures of the cornea, but also to measure pupil size. This study evaluated the accuracy of the objective MedMont topographer by comparing the automated pupil size measurement to a manual method.

Method: Video images including the pupil and iris were analyzed. Manual measurement using the MedMont measure tool was compared with the automated reading produced by the instrument.

Results: Intra-observer agreement for manual measurement was very high: mean difference of horizontal= 0 mm (95%CI -0.27, 0.17) mean difference of vertical = -0.10 mm (95% CI -0.38-0.19). Agreement of the automated measure with the manual horizontal measure was also high, with mean difference= 0.21mm (-0.10, 0.51). In comparison to the manual vertical measure the automated pupil size was slightly larger: mean difference =0.31 mm (-0.07, 0.67).

Conclusion: The automated pupil measure produced by the MedMont topographer agrees quite well with manual measure from the same images, although it trends to measure the pupil as slightly larger than do human observers. The pupil measure function of the MedMont topographer may be clinically useful in documenting pupil size measurement.

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Optometry Commons