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Master of Science in Vision Science

Committee Chair

Bradley Coffey


Purpose: To provide the first year optometry student with a simplified behavioral optometry study guide that corresponds with class notes and correlates with the lab. The goal was to make the language simple for easy comprehension. This manual also includes diagrams and examples to help students understand concepts as they study their class notes.

Methods: The coursework from Optometry 562 has been broken into four sections. Each author has written about one of these sections in her own perspective and simplified the material in order for the entering optometry student to gain a more thorough understanding of this course. This publication is one of the four sections written. This section covers a basic introduction to behavioral optometry, accommodation and vergence, heterophoria and the "Dexter" concept, spatial perception, eye movements, sensory fusion, and AC/A ratio.

Other Authors of the Manual: Katherine Chhor, Angela Darveaux, and Kristel Rogers

Included in

Optometry Commons