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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Patrick Caroline


Our research compared the comfort of two different types of soft contact lens materials; Hioxifilcon B and Hefilcon A. Both materials are considered low water content materials and are non-ionic (Group 1 materials). Hioxifilcon B is a newer material than Hefilcon A, with a water content of 49% compared to that of 45% in Hefilcon A. It has been reported to resist dehydration more than other hydrogel lenses, and therefore we hypothesized that it would be the more comfortable material. We had 13 subjects who received a lens ofHefilcon A for one eye and a lens ofHioxifilcon B for the other eye which they were to wear at the same time for two weeks. They completed a survey on the comfort of the lenses after one week of wear and then again after the second week of wear. Along with comfort, the water content ofthe lenses was also measured after one week of wear and again after two weeks of wear. Results showed that Hioxifilcon B did dehydrate less than Hefilcon A (dehydration of 4.11% compared to 5.95%); however there was no significant difference in the comfort ofthe two lenses among the subjects.

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Optometry Commons