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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Hannu Laukkanen


Purpose: VT on D VD provides optometric interns and vision therapy (VT) patients with video demonstrations of five VT techniques on Digital Video Disc (DVD). It provides the opportunity for interns to use correct instructional and observational tools when demonstrating VT activities. In addition, VT on D VD provides patients with a simple clarification of vision therapy exercises. Interns and patients will find VT on D VD to be a useful tool in addition to office-based VT activities.

Methods: The online version of the BABO manual found on the OEPF Clinical Curriculum website was used for written instructions of each exercise. Rob Lewis, O.D., FCOVD, was consulted extensively and is involved in the instruction of some video footage along with the authors as the patients. Each VT activity was storyboarded, videotaped, and edited onto a final DVD. Two video cameras, a microphone for narration, and video editing software were used to complete the DVD.

Results: These procedural videos have been compiled into a set of two DVD collections, one for intern use and one for patient use. These videos are for educational use and will be included in the fee package of a VT program.

Discussion: Coin Circles, Lens Feeling, and See 3 Coins are used for various ocular dysfunctions and at different stages during therapy. Future improvements should include follow-up with patients using the DVD, increasing the VT exercises, eliminating background distractions in the video, and improving video quality.

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Optometry Commons