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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Robert Yolton


Pacific University College of Optometry is in the process of converting much of its educational material into electronic form. There was no electronically available version of the course material for Optometry 647 (Optometric Dispensing). The authors used a combination of sources including consultation with faculty, personal research, and professional knowledge to create Power Point® -based lectures and laboratory resources. A student evaluation of the new Power Point® material was conducted via survey in the fall of 2000. Students generally liked the new format; nearly 81 percent of those with no prior dispensing experience and 90 percent of dispensing experienced students rated helpfulness of the PowerPoint presentations from 5110 to 10/10. This project produced Power Point ®-based lectures for Ophthalmic Dispensing students at Pacific. The authors learned how to write, edit and produce PowerPoint® lecture material for graduate-level education. These were well received, it is not known how well students assimilated the information presented.

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Optometry Commons