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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Hannu Laukkanen


Optometric management of ADDI/DHD children is being done in both the primary vision care practice as well as the vision therapy and pediatric care practice. This is a special population which may pose unique examination or treatment challenges to the general practitioner. The role of the optometrist in the vision care of ADD/ADHD children is explored through an e-mail survey sent via the internet. The survey emphasized the elicitation of clinical pearls from optometrists currently working with this special population regarding their views and experiences on successful examination and management of the ADD/ADHD patient. Certain challenges presented by the process of medical diagnoses and pharmacological treatment of ADD/ADHD is explored. The goal is to enlighten the general practitioner about some of the issues surrounding this often misunderstood condition and provide a collection of clinical advice and optometric viewpoints which will assist the general practitioner in his or her optometric care of this population.

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Optometry Commons