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Master of Science in Vision Science

Committee Chair

Bradley Coffey


The College of Optometry created an unprecedented clinical facility in 1994. It was unprecedented in the world because the intent was to integrate optometric and ophthalmologic care for the treatment of pediatric vision disorders. One of the stated goals of the Pediatric and Strabismus Referral Center (PSRC) at Pacific University is to develop and publish criteria for optimal management of pediatric and adult strabismus. In an effort to realize this goal, a database has been created using FileMaker Pro 4.0® so that existing and future patient data can be recorded and analyzed. Eight specific categories including: Patient Information, Visit History, Personal History, Family History, Case History, Exam Results, Diagnosis, and Treatment are linked together in a user-friendly interface so that patient data can be entered, organized and retrieved efficiently, yet allow flexibility to execute various queries and statistical analysis. Information pages were created to guide the user through the database and address any anticipated issues. Existing patient hardcopy records have been entered into the database so that outcome analysis may be initiated. This database will be incorporated into PSRC as a primary tool for patient management.

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Optometry Commons