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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Oscar Richards


A Spencer, man-objective micros cope was used to view a marked slide. This was done successively with three different eyepieces: monocular, parallel binocular, and convergent binocular. While viewing the slide, the position of accommodation was monitored with a stigmatic optometer which was viewed superimposed by the us e of a camera lucida prism.

Several optometric tests were performed in the usual clinical manner on each subject but none of these tests showed any significant correlation with the micros cope image position data. The means of all three eyepiece conditions differed from each other at a level not due to chance. The convergent binocular condition required more accommodation than the parallel binocular, and the monocular required the most of all.

KEY WORDS: Instrument Myopia, Accommodation, Microscopic Image Position

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Optometry Commons