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Master of Science in Vision Science

Committee Chair

Norman S. Stern


The purpose of this project was two fold. First an assessment of the eye examination methods of western state Pediatricians and Pediatric residencies was examined via a letter survey. Second a quick but comprehensive routine for the examination of the visual function of the pediatric patient was generated. This routine was the result of current Optometric and Ophthalmological literature, insight gained from the survey and professional knowledge acquired as Optometry students. The letter survey revealed that Pediatricians were aware of the need for a good exam routine. It also revealed that their current procedures were quite inadequate by Optometric standards. The end result of this project was a good screening exam of the visual function of the pediatric patient -that could be performed by the Pediatrician or a qualified assistant. This leading to an earlier diagnosis and/or referral of eye problems resulting in improved care for the pediatric patient.

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Optometry Commons