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Master of Science in Vision Science

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William Ludlam


A model of a basic Hawkswell eikonometer was constructed by the authors and used in this study. Two groups of 30 subjects were tested for aniseikonia. One group consisted of subjects with less than one diopter of anisometropia and the other group consisted of subjects with anisometropias of one diopter or more. Each subject was measured on the AO Space Eikonometer and the self-made portable eikonometer. Analysis of the data showed that one-half of the measurements from the portable eikonometer varied significantly from the AO Space Eikonometer. However, 83 percent of the portable eikonometer's measurements were within 0.75 percent magnification or less of the AO Space Eikonometer's measurements. It was concluded that the Hawkswell eikonometer is a useful tool in screening and measuring for aniseikonia.

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Optometry Commons