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Master of Science in Vision Science

Committee Chair

Lynn J. Coon


A study was completed comparing the differences in effect of gas permeable contact lenses (Polycon) vs gas impermeable contact lenses (PMMA). Eleven subjects were chosen, each of whom were to wear a Polycon lens on one eye and a PMMA lens on the other eye. Keratometric findings, refraction, visual acuity, edema and the endothelial mosaic were measured at varying stages of wear. It was shown that there was significantly less edema with the Polycon lens. Also it was found that the slides taken of endothelial cells could not be read as well when the eye photographed was wearing a PMMA lens (as opposed .to the Polycon lens). It therefore appears that more corneal change is taking place when a PMMA lens is worn: than when a Polycon lens is worn.

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Optometry Commons