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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Don West


Corneal exhaustive syndrome is a term which has been used to describe a number of long term PMMA contact lense wearers who either drop out of contacts or require some sort of refitting to remain in contact lenses. Four patients were refit with RX-56 lenses with a specific fitting philosophy of apical clearance and the physiological responses were monitored. Preliminary findings indicate initial corneal flattening with a corresponding decrease in spectacle minus refractive power, followed by corneal steepening and an increase in spectacle minus power. Corneal thinning occurred across the entire horizontal corneal meridian, and in two cases with mild keratometer mire distortion, distortion was eliminated. For the three patients that had pre-wear contact lense data available, there was not a return to the original base line prefit parameters. But the findings did show changes which suggest the same pattern of change as would be found with lens withdrawal or reduced wearing time. Additional study with larger samples and control groups are needed.

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Optometry Commons