Date of Award

Spring 1984

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Vision Science

Committee Chair

James E. Peterson


This study attempted to answer the following questions: Is there a difference between the Ciba BISOFT and the Bausch and Lomb P.A.l bifocal soft contact lenses in providing an acceptable correction? What limitations are presented to the presbyopic contact lens patient? A literature review has failed to reveal a comparison study dealing with the performance of these lenses. Even though the visual acuity obtainable Ln the majority of subjects was 20/20, persistent complaints of glare, flare, double vision, and poor night vision limited these lens designs. Due to optics involved and the resultant reduction in acuity, these lenses may be best suited only for occasional use rather than full time wear. This LS obviously dependent on the patient's visual demands.

Included in

Optometry Commons