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Master of Science in Vision Science

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John R. Roggenkamp


Bausch and Lomb's IVEX system, a computerized subjective refractor, was evaluated, A modified Optometric Extension Program (OEP) twenty-one point examination was performed three times on each of forty-nine subjects, Two examinations were performed on the IVEX system, one utilizing a monocular method and one a binocular method of distance refraction. The third examination was performed using a traditional refracting lane and refractor. Individual findings and OEP distance and near prescriptions obtained by the IVEX methods were compared to those obtained by the traditional refraction. A statistically significant difference was found for distance subjective to best visual acuity findings for both monocular and binocular IVEX methods, When comparing the monocular IVEX to the traditional method the distance and near OEP prescriptions were not significantly different. Distance and near OEP prescriptions from the binocular IVEX were significantly different, although the target used may be at least partially responsible for this difference, As a rule, distance sphere findings tended to be slightly more minus with the IVEX examinations, However, these differences may not be clinically significant. Individual test findings were also compared, Many of the IVEX findings compared quite favorably with the traditional refraction findings. However, some individual findings showed differences which warrant further study,

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Optometry Commons