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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Alan W. Reichow


As the interest in sports vision continues to increase, it becomes important to further examine the relationship between optimal visual skills and optimal athletic performance. One of the athlete's most important visual skills is accuracy of stereolocalization. The intent of this project is to develop a portable, out of instrument, distance stereo testing apparatus. This pilot study will provide norms for a modified Howard-Dolman device, both for the general population and the college athlete . The study will statistically evaluate the importance of stereolocalization in athletic performance. The means will provide measurement of accuracy of stereolocalization, and the standard deviations will be a measurement of consistancy. The combined evaluation of both of these parameters will represent the subjects sensitivity to stereolocalization. This information can be utilized by the optometrist in determining the need for optometric intervention in providing optimal patient care.

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Optometry Commons