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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Alan W. Reichow


The goals of this project were aimed at generating both longitudinal and expansive data relevant to the £allowing: 1) assessment of the level of knowledge of athletic teams about optometry, 2), discovering the usefulness of existing sports vision programs, and 3) determination of the interest of teams (both college and professional) in sports vision care. Professional and college baseball, basketball, football, and hockey teams were queried via a postal survey. To gauge the opinion of practicing optometrists, separate inquires were mailed to practitioners across the United States. Results indicate that there remains a significant unmet need for vision care (i.e. screenings, contact lenses, and visual training) in the athletic community. Optometrists continue to demonstrate a keen interest in prescribing for the athlete in private practice; as well as, in a consultation role to sports teams.

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Optometry Commons