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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Bradley Coffey


Success in achieving specific optometric goals, with learning disabled individuals, depends upon the method and the quality of diagnostic tools. To be able to accurately identify specific disabilities, and for direct remediation, the optometrist must have a differentiated definition of visual/perceptual processing and visual physiological functioning that includes testing and remediation. The SOI (Structure of Intellect) developmental vision test is based on a differentiated definition of intelligence and examines the visually dependent components of intelligence thought to be important for school success. Parallels between SOI and optometry are developed by reviewing and contrasting the SOI developmental vision test sequence to current optometric definitions, perceptual testing, and SOI remediation modules to optometric perceptual training techniques. The SOI developmental vision test is distinquished as being a clinically useful tool to the behavioral optometrist in assessing the visual perceptual/cognitive abilities that are important to successful school learning.

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Optometry Commons