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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Dr. Robert L. Yolton


The oculocardiac reflex is a change in heart rate or rhythm produced by manipulation of the eyes or adnexia. It is known to occur during surgery on the eyes when traction is applied to the extraocular muscles. This study evaluates the possibility that the oculocardiac reflex can be elicited by doing prism rocks. To assess heart rate the subject was connected to a heart rate monitor and to produce the oculocardiac reflex a 20 diopter prism was placed before the right eye. Control data was obtained by use of a plano lens. No significant changes in heart rate were produced by either the prism or the plano lens (t-test for related measures). This suggests that the oculocardiac reflex is not a major problem for normal children doing jump ductions.

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Optometry Commons