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Master of Science in Vision Science

Committee Chair

Alfred Furie


The project was designed to determine if there was any correlation at the 0.05 level of significance between exophthalmometry as performed using methodology developed with the Corneal Reflection Pupilometer, as compared with that gathered via the standard Hertel technique. Using 540 measurements with each device, we found that a 0.8mm measurement difference between the two methods is not statistically different. The standard error measurement with the CRP was 0.0368 mm when compared with Hertel readings on an identical population while disregarding no subjects. The data interpretation shows a very high coefficient of determination indicating inter-instrument agreement. The fact that the Hertel device is considered the yardstick of exophthalmometry and assumes an accuracy level to within 2 mm taken to extension indicates that the CRP is as accurate and reliable when used in the prescribed fashion.

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Optometry Commons