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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Willard B. Bleything


Measures of quality were applied to the following modes of practice: private/non-commercial; private/commercial; corporate commercial; H.M.O./traditional; and H.M.O./commercial. Sampling included alumni who practice in California, Oregon and Washington. A 42% response was obtained with the preponderance falling into the private/non-commercial mode of practice. Results indicate a marked quality difference between the various modes of practice as measured by the number of tests/procedures used and the general nature of the examination. Freedom in establishing fees and other policies in the practice also differed. This study adds a new dimension to those conducted earlier by the Federal Trade Commission and Robert R. Nathan Associates, INC. This dimension is of particular importance to the public in their choice of one practitioner over another and to the newly graduated optometrist as they examine various practice options.

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Optometry Commons