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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Nada Lingel


The Retinomax handheld autorefractor is a lightweight, extremely mobile instrument that is able to gather data in a variety of environments and in patients with a variety of physical conditions. The results show that data collected by the Retinomax is valid and reliable when compared to the a table mounted autorefractor, the Nikon NR-5500. The only statistically significant difference between the NR-5500 and the Retinomax findings were the cylinder values, but they differed by less than 0.25D which was not considered a clinically relevant difference. It is easy to learn how to operate the Retinomax and when in use, data collection is quick and efficient. Investigators felt that the Retinomax was superior to the tablemounted version in terms of ease of use, alignment, and comfort. Patients involved in the study felt that if was slightly less intimidating than the NR-5500. Given it's reliability, efficiency, and ease of use, the Retinomax will be an important addition to refractive data gathering in eye care.

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Optometry Commons