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Master of Science in Vision Science

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A. Richard Reinke, O.D.


An evaluation of the Wesley-Jessen 74% water Durasoft 4 LiteTint soft contact lens was made using 18 lenses on nine subjects and two pairs of control lenses. Five subjects cold disinfected the lenses and four subjects heat disinfected the lenses using Softmate PS regimens. One pair of control lenses was disinfected with each system . The results of the study show that heat disinfection can damage these lenses. Three of five pairs of lenses that were heat disinfected showed discoloration upon completion of the study. This includes one pair of control lenses which were heated once daily for 6 months, the duration of the study. All cold disinfected lenses remained normal. Other results show problems with Durasoft 4 lenses not attributable to the type of disinfection used. These problems include: difficulty in handling and determining whether inside-out or not, discomfort and severe drying symptoms, a rapid decrease in wearing time, and a tendency to accumulate deposits rapidly. Only one subject remained in the study for the 6 month duration. All others left early due to lens discomfort. Each subject was seen on a follow-up schedule and normal clinical methods were used to evaluate symptomology, fitting characteristics, and refractive changes. The results suggest that dehydration in these high water content lenses is the primary problem leading to discomfort.

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Optometry Commons