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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Dr. Paul Kohl


In this study the Keeler Pulsair non-contact tonometer was compaired to itself in a test-retest study. lOP measurements from 20 subjects (age5-42) were utilized. Five groups of four lOP readings were taken 15 minutes apart to minimize massage effect and eliminate diurnal effect. The mean readings were: 13.53 mm Hg with SD 3.6 mm Hg for 00 and 13.39 mm Hg with SO 3.7 mm Hg for OS. The mean difference between tests was significant only for comparisons 00-1 vs.OD-2, 00-1 vs.OD-4 and 00-1 vs.OD-5 due to increased patient apprehension in group 00-1. The design of the Keeler pulsair tonometer provides certain advantages over other tonometers with respect to special patient application and ease of operation. My results indicate there is a need for a future test-retest study which would deal further to alleviate patient apprehension.

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Optometry Commons