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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Hannu R. V. Laukkanen


The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of vectographic training on vergence ranges and to determine whether incorporation of trampoline jumping would potentiate vergence range building . Thirty-four subjects were randomly divided into three groups. The two experimental groups, one standing the other jumping on a trampoline, received 12 sessions of vectographic training. Phorias and vergence ranges were measured for all three groups, including a control group who received no training, before, after, and three months following the training period. After completing three total hours of training there was no significant difference in the increased ranges between the two experimental groups, or three months later. However, both experimental groups had significantly increased their vergence ranges compared to the control group. In addition we found that training had a greater effect on results at 40cm than at 6m, there was a greater change in the convergence ranges than the divergence ranges, and recoveries for the trampoline group at far increased significantly.

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Optometry Commons