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Master of Science in Vision Science

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Scott Overton


The Corning CPF -511 lens' influence on the contrast sensitivity functions of 34 low vision and 80 normal patients was evaluated using the Vistech 8000 near contrast sensitivity tester. Contrast sensitivity functions were measured with and without peripheral glare under three conditions: through the patient's habitual corrective lens, through a plano lens placed over the habitual correction, and through a Corning CPF -511 lens placed over the habitual correction. The lens induced statistically significant decreased contrast sensitivity at middle and high spatial frequencies in the normal population. Low vision patients demonstrated increased contrast sensitivity at lower spatial frequencies and decreased sensitivity at higher frequencies, however the majority of these trends were statistically insignificant. This study gives insight as to why CPF lenses increase subjective performance in low vision patients. Key Words: contrast sensitivity, low vision, Corning CPF lenses, Vistech contrast sensitivity testing, glare sensitivity.

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Optometry Commons