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Examples from Blended Learning Experiments

Jann Purdy

Berglund 139

This session focuses on the ways in which the use of online activities and the “flipped” classroom can enhance discussion in the face-to-face setting. Examples of successes and pitfalls will be presented.

Finance = More Money?

Xiaomin Guo, Pacific University

Berglund 145

This presentation will discuss an online stock trading simulation called Stock-Track, Through this tool, students will learn that finance is not simply about making more money. Rather, it is about the management of money and about making the correct decisions on allocation of money.

Flipping Genetics and Genomics in Eyecare

Len Hua, Pacific University

Berglund 121

Pacific University College of Optometry is the only place in the nation offering an elective on Genetics and Genomics in Eye Care. This presentation shares the experience gained from flipping the course.

Universal Design of Instruction and Cognitions of Choice: An Integrated Approach to Teaching

Clarissa E. Steffen Ed.D., Pacific University

Berglund 147

Blending UDI and Cognitions of Choice (COC) © offers the next step in supporting relational meaning to target the limbic system involvement in learning to increase the development of skills involved in choice.

Will Theories Be Violated? Student Practices in Foreign Exchange Market Transactions

Huijian Dong, Pacific University

Berglund 145

This talk will discuss how an online trading simulation fosters student investment skills in the international short term money market and long term bond market. In this presentation we will discuss particularly how students violated trading rules in the simulation. Introduced by the traders’ mental impacts, these violations are significant when students operate on real-time currency platform.