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Roundtable: Tablets in Teacher Education

Shawn T. Daley, Concordia University - Portland
Debby Espinor, George Fox University
Jennifer Roberts

Berglund 139

Many Schools of Education are in in various stages of consideration or implementation when it comes to putting tablets in their Teacher Education program. Is it worth it pedagogically?

Student Preferences and Expectations for Technology in the Classroom

Steve Sosa, Pacific Lutheran University
Layne Nordgren, Pacific Lutheran University

Berglund 145

How can we assess what technologies students prefer using to access course content? This session will explore strategies for guiding faculty technology adoption into alignment with student expectations and preferences.

Summer Bridge Math Program: Moodle, WeBWorK, and Khan Academy intertwined

Chris Lane, Pacific University

Berglund 121

This workshop will explain our Summer Math Bridge Program at Pacific and specifically illustrate how we used the Khan Academy, WeBWorK, and Moodle to help under-prepared incoming freshman science majors.

The use of summative evaluation and group review in the School of Pharmacy's modified block program

Michael Millard, Pacific University

Berglund 147

The School of Pharmacy utilizes a 90% competency summative examination at the end of each 23 week block. Students are allowed an immediate review exam in groups to discuss and verify correct answers. Points awarded in the group exam are applied to the individual exam score to determine 90% competency. ExamSoft testing software is used to evaluate student and test performance, map curriculum, and provide evaluative data on the progress of the students in specific topics of the curriculum. Examples of tests and reporting are discussed.

Using Evernote to take and share information in the classroom

Mike Geraci, Pacific University

Berglund 019

A demonstration of how the free Evernote tool/service can be used by teachers and students to capture and share course materials and information.