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And Justice for all: Using Primary Source Materials to bring a Social Justice Perspective in your classroom.

Mark Bailey, Pacific University

Berglund 019

An exciting new array of digital primary source materials allows your students an intimate glimpse into history. Accessing these artifacts encourages students to develop a more personal connection to the issues and people that define our past, and allows historically marginalized voices to speak to issues of justice and the human condition. I will provide an extensive set of links to these materials and will demonstrate a technique to bring history alive by interviewing historical figures. Examples will be provided from the work of a range of elementary and graduate students.

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Bringing the Sky to Your Classroom

Kevin Carr, Pacific University

Berglund 139

Use Stellarium software to teach phases of the moon and seasons by bringing the sky into your classroom. Stellarium is an app available for Windows & OSX computers, as well as iPad/iPhone, and Android devices.

getting started with games

mark j. szymanski, pacific university
jesse everett, Pacific University

Berglund 121

During this session participants will learn about the potential and current role of games in learning and curriculum with a particular focus on resources and example

How to Flip Your Classroom

Nichole S. Carter Mrs., Neil Armstrong Middle School

Berglund 147

For teachers and administrators alike looking to learn about real life ideas and strategies on the flipped model this is the presentation for you. Utilizing social networking sites like Edmodo, Twitter,, Google, and YouTube, you too can successfully flip your class, even without a lot of available technology in your classroom. From the basics to ideas on interventions to ensure access and high turn in, let me share my strategies with you.

Podcasting in the Elementary Classroom: Ideas for creative projects with your students

Machelle Childers

Berglund 145

Podcasting in the Elementary Classroom: Ideas for creative projects with your students