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Classrooms without (International) Boundaries

Brent Johnson Mr, Pacific University

Berglund 147

Come explore the possibilities of how a blended online course can connect your classes to students around the world using various tools of the internet, enriching perspectives for all involved.

Evolve Passive Video Slogs into Active Learning Experience

Jeff E. Rouyer, Portland State University

Berglund 145

Rethink video development away from passive viewing slogs into an engaging and active learning experience. Discover several easy strategies for producing instructional videos that encourages viewer participation.

Experiencing Web-conferencing in the Virtual Classroom: Lessons learned through Pacific University’s College of Health Professions

Aurae Beidler, Pacific University
Sean Roush, Pacific University

Berglund 121

Perhaps the most crucial piece to successful synchronous online learning is the appropriate use of web-conferencing technology. In this session, attendees experience web-conferencing hands on, as both a student and a presenter.

Interprofessional collaboration in the design of interactive learning in distance education

Nancy E. Krusen, Pacific University
Anita Zijdemans Boudreau, Pacific University

Berglund 019

This interprofessional collaboration describes an exemplary theoretically grounded instructional design to advance an innovative approach for teaching distance education

Using iTunesU to augment your pedagogy

Shawn T. Daley, Concordia University - Portland

139 Berglund

This session will walk you through the entire process of creating an iTunesU course. It will review setup, creating screencasts or video lessons, and administrative/supervision of course features.