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What are the effects of peer/support groups for burn patients’ perception of their overall recovery?

Clinical Bottom Line

There is no specific program to deliver for outpatient burn therapy groups for this specific population. There is also no specification as to whom should deliver care or how (psychology base or activity based). Group therapy for this population has been deemed as a benefit for those who participate but not all wish to or perceive a need to participate. Many are dissatisfied with the current care being provided in general. Professionals are not providing the same service opportunities to each patient, as patients go to different professionals for after care, not knowing who to properly approach for assistance. The need for professionals to aide in the structure and provision of care for this particular population to create a common approach is a potential role for occupational therapists as there was no specification as to whether talk-based or activity based therapy was provided, but from the list, the majority of the care was medicine or psychological based.